Metamorph –  Love In The Wreckage (single)

Amazing vocals bring this song to life with its rapid melodies creating a very addictive song that leaves you wanting more. -VK Mike In time for Valentine’s day, “witchy” goth rock band, METAMORPH has just unveiled their new single, “Love In The Wreckage.”  With “Love In The Wreckage,” METAMORPH transmutes the world’s chaos intoContinue Reading

The Neuro Farm – Vampyre

Once in a while something comes along and blows your mind, that is exactly what this album has done it is absolutely excellent. It has some of the most amazing tracks and it is so well put together with trad goth and newer combined. This album is an absolute masterpieceContinue Reading

Neonpocalypse – ish (EP)

These are extremely catch yaks at will get you hooked. The melodies and the soothing dark vocals make for very easy listening and a very relaxing listen. Can be played over and over and enjoyed I your eyes closed. Let is EP take you. -VK Mike NEONPOCALYPSE, the first everContinue Reading

iVardensphere – The Shattering Queen

A brilliant track and the Moris Blak remix is another level. An awesome track before the remixes too this absolutely goes without saying. -VK Mike The Shattering Queen from iVardensphere. The digital single features the title track, an awesome remix of “Ragemaker” by Slighter and Moris Blak’s crushing remix of “The Shattering Queen”Continue Reading

CONSVMER – Obsession (album)

There is no doubting that this lyrically has been well thought out and deals with issues we can all recognise as happening. The band are defintely heard with the powerful music and very deep vocal growls that perfectly put across the meanings behind the music. Consvmer have pieced together aContinue Reading

WEIRD WOLVES – Dancing in Hell (single)

Haunting eerie females vocals of Ava alongside the expressive vocals of Raphael plus the drumbeats and beautifully flowing melodic melodies make this a very engaging listen. Alongside the video that is very different and very effective and suits the lyrics perfectly. The addition of the track “Overdrive” a track thatContinue Reading

REAKTON – atom (single)

If you like electronic music this is a must have. The beats are punchy and the robotic vocals keep it on par with bands like Kraftwerk. Do not underestimate REAKTON though they stand up on their own merit. -VK Mike REAKTON release their new single with an animation video forContinue Reading

Against I – Scum (single)

Insane Records Release: 11 February 2022 Great beat, great lyrics about a subject that many will be able to relate to. -VK Mike Fredrik Croona whose projects have included the likes of MENSCHDEFEKT, CROONA & CYNICAL EXISTENCE has announced a new project, AGAINST I and debut single, “Scum.” “Scum” isContinue Reading

Xorcist – L’assassin (single)

Independent Release: 23 January 2018 When you want an upbeat throwback but with a modern twist this is it. Hints of Kraftwerk and Laurie Anderson in one track. Love your electronic music then this is for you. An outstanding relaxing electronic track to purely relax and enjoy. Literally sit backContinue Reading


Independent Release: 7 December 2021 Listening to this EP was a pleasure to me, the vocals are absolutely spot on for me along with the brilliant melodies reminding me of Bauhaus, Bowie and Psychedelic Furs. This EP is really a golden ticket for the fans with 9 tracks all offeringContinue Reading

Panic Lift – Pieces

Independent Release: 17 December 2021 If you are into your Industrial Dancing these two tracks from Panic Lift will having you on your feet for sure. The very powerful industrial beats with great vocals will have you moving to the beat. Failure Principle the more traditional industrial dance and thenContinue Reading

Tigercide – I Of Tiger (single)

Independent Release: 22 November 2021 Love this track from Tigercide and fans of Switchblade Symphony will absolutely fall head over heals with this. Its a superb track with the most trance inducing melody with hypnotic vocals. I highly recommend closing your eyes and let the music take you. This isContinue Reading

Black Angel – Breathe (single)

Independent Release: 17 December 2021 This is such a great single. It has all the incredible musical elements of a traditional fantastic gothic melody with incredible vocals bringing all the essentials together into one amazing song. Lyrics brilliant, melody brilliant, vocals brilliant for me this is old school goth broughtContinue Reading