A devil face with the words state of demon purgatory.

As State Of The Union’s latest single, “Purgatory,” proclaims, dancing can be a powerful antidote to the struggles and anxieties of life.

Through its industrious beat, captivating melody, and profound lyrics, this bold composition poignantly explores the prevalence of suicide and the disparate ways humans confront the peaks and troughs of their lives

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A man in a suit with a flower in his mouth, featured on the cover of Elektrikill's Monsters album.

Industrial band, Elektrikill recently unveiled their latest full-length release, Monsters.

Monsters deals with the dark side of the human condition. We’re all monsters, one way or another. The connections are all the ways someone can be hiding a monster. The album’s songs deal with life in the internet/social media age, culminating with the song “Your Browser Is”, a comment on targeted information.

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A group of people in black masks standing in front of a purple light.

Industrial metal band, Our Frankenstein has just unleashed their new video for the single, “Illuminate”.

‘Illuminate’ is a song about finding the light that can exist in a barren and hopeless wasteland and building a better future for yourself. It’s about forging forward and discovering the strength in yourself to move on past a difficult time in your life.

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