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Virtual Concert



It will be streamed over several streaming services simultaneously.

We are looking for anyone interested in taking part to contact us as soon as possible.

We would like 2 sets but 1 would be ok if that's all you can manage and maybe a small intro about your band.

We would need the recordings by mid to end of December at the latest to then put it all together.

Please email us on

We have limited availability and a few Artists and bands already confirmed.

Please share this message with as many bands as possible.

Thank you



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Submit your Gig/Tour Dates

Add your Gig/Tour

We have now added a form so that you can easily submit your GigTour dates.

To use this form you must request a password from us.

To obtain this password you must be satisfy the following criteria:

You must be either:

Artist Promoter Manager PR Company Record Label

And be able to prove this if requested.

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Upcoming shows

  • 04/03/22 ERDLING in Erfurt at From Hell
  • 05/03/22 ERDLING in Magdeburg at Factory
  • 06/03/22 ERDLING in Bremen at Tower
  • 09/03/22 ERDLING in München at Backstage
  • 10/03/22 ERDLING in Leipzig at Hellraiser
  • 11/03/22 ERDLING in Bochum at Rockpalast
  • 12/03/22 ERDLING in Hamelm at Sumpfblume
  • 13/03/22 ERDLING in Berlin at Frannz Club
  • 18/03/22 ERDLING in Lindau at Club Vaudeville
  • 20/03/22 ERDLING in Weinheim at Café Central

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Most Recent Posts

  • Darker Side of Music Radio LIVE

    Internet Radio from the Darker Side of Music

    Our new Inter radio station aims to bring you new musicians some older tracks too plus special shows, guest DJ evenings and so much more.


  • Vertigo Shock – Fever (video)

    Watch now the Vertigo Shock video for FEVER. An excellent video for an excellent track.

    The masked face is very unnerving but is very weird but is such a pleasant change for a music video.

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Patreon Update 01/01/2022

Some news about our Patreon

As you know we launched a basic Patreon recently but we want to give our patrons something in return apart from our grattitude, so we want to know what you would like to see us add as a benefit of being a Patreon supporter of ours.

Amphi Festival 2022

Radio Play Form

Darker Side of Music Radio

Complete this form to allow us to play your music on our internet radio station.

You must be in a position to grant us permission.

We will be having various types of shows etc on the station all in the aid of promoting bands.

New Easier Form

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