Released: 25 April 2024

Malice Machine – Act Of Self Destruction
absolute power album
Malice Machines new release is an absolute power album of tracks. Its starts of with heavy hitter “Bleed” a great track with deep aggressive growling vocals and a fantastic beat of synth drums and incredible melody. This track lays the foundation fr this album.

The next track we will talk about is track 10 the final track on the album that is a cover of the 80s song “Living On Video” only this despite its bouncing melody has the same growling vocals that make this so distinctive from the original.

The album is a real accomplishment mixing aggrotech with punk and synths. Its a great album to listen to at anytime.

If you like a change and what something loud but melodic with real heart thumping drum beats then this album is definitely for you.



Pennsylvania’s “aggro-punk” duo, MALICE MACHINE have unleashed their long-awaited new album, Act Of Self-Destruction.

Act Of Self-Destruction introduces the band’s original concept of “aggro-punk”. Inspired by their song “Corpse Painter” from their previous album, Chemical Violence, the duo have meshed the harsh electronic synth, bass, and drum assault of aggrotech with the rebellious, raw energy, and to-the-point aspects of punk.

As with their previous releases, Act Of Self-Destruction remains lyrically bleak, dark and foreboding, Tracks like “Delete Me” offer an inward-looking perspective of feeling useless or dejected while others such as “Hyena” criticize society and its leaders for the destabilized world they perpetuate. In any case, the songs on Act Of Self-Destruction speak of the darkest parts of the human psyche and the world around us.

MALICE MACHINE is unleashing their unforgiving message upon the frenzy of their wicked musical sense. With this album, the band feels it has found its identity.

Act Of Self-Destruction is available on all major digital outlets including Bandcamp and Spotify.

Pennsylvanias “Aggro-Punk”-Duo MALICE MACHINE hat ihr lang erwartetes neues Album Act Of Self-Destruction entfesselt.

Act Of Self-Destruction stellt das ursprüngliche Konzept der Band von “Aggro-Punk” vor. Inspiriert von ihrem Song “Corpse Painter” von ihrem vorherigen Album, Chemical Violence, hat das Duo den harten elektronischen Synth, Bass und Schlagzeugangriff von Aggrotech mit den rebellischen, rohen Energie- und punktgenauen Aspekten des Punk verbunden.

Wie bei ihren früheren Veröffentlichungen bleibt Act Of Self-Destruction lyrisch düster, dunkel und ahnungsvorstellbar, Tracks wie “Delete Me” bieten eine nach innen gerichtete Perspektive, sich nutzlos oder niedergeschlagen zu fühlen, während andere wie “Hyena” die Gesellschaft und ihre Führer für die destabilisierte Welt kritisieren, die sie verewigen. Auf jeden Fall sprechen die Lieder auf Act Of Self-Destruction von den dunkelsten Teilen der menschlichen Psyche und der Welt um uns herum.

MALICE MACHINE entfesselt ihre gnadenlose Botschaft über die Raserei ihres bösen musikalischen Sinns. Mit diesem Album hat die Band das Gefühl, ihre Identität gefunden zu haben.

Act Of Self-Destruction ist in allen großen digitalen Medien verfügbar, einschließlich Bandcamp und Spotify.

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