UPDATE – July 2022

Latest developments on our website and find out what is new and how it can benefit you.

What’s new for Artists and Bands?

Darker Side One Link

Darker Side Onle Link is our new full-featured alternative to another Single link for all your links tools.

You will have seen it at the bottom of all our latest reviews.

Why choose One Link over other well-known ones?

  1. It is completely FREE.
  2. Google Analytics. (GDPR Compiant)
  3. Embed videos, playlists, songs, and so much more with ease.
  4. Custom colours, backgrounds, text colours and fonts.
  5. Links to your heart’s content, including the most popular social media sites.
  6. Manage your own links etc.
  7. More than one project?  No problem, we allow currently three different One Links per artist, all managed from your account.
  8. Many more features are included, and more are added.
  9. FREE listing in the Darker Side One Link Directory.

So sign up for a free account and let us know who you are, and once you are a verified Artist or Band, you will be upgraded.

Signup here

Artist / Band One Link Directory

Once you have a Darker Side One Link ready to go, it would be good to have a place where fans can find it easily. So we created the One Link Directory.

One Link Directory is an alphabetical listing of ALL bands with a Darker Side One Link.

Once you create your DS One Link, let us know, and we will add it to the directory.

Once again, this is another service we provide that is Free of Charge to help you on your way.

Supporting Us

Did you know you can help us by supporting us with a donation (One-Off) or a regular donation?

Every amount donated is currently re-invested into the website to ensure we bring more and more features to help you, the Music Lover, and the Artist/Band.

Even registering for a Free account helps us by boosting our numbers.

So even if you can spare the smallest amount, we promise we will always bring new features to the site to boost your enjoyment and benefits.

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Videos of the Month

Our new feature is “Videos of the Month”, Artists and Bands can send us their reason for featuring their videos, and the best ones will be picked out each month.

We will also throw some in ourselves that we believe should be shown.

They can be old/new. It does not matter if it’s good. They will be featured.

Also, on the subject of videos, did you know that we accept premieres for videos?

We can show them on various platforms, and we will help promote them via our channels.

We can also host video premieres without ads on our fast server with sites worldwide.  This sadly is for a minimal fee as this does cost a bit extra for us.  This would be from around €5 for a month. For this additional service, please contact us, and we can discuss how this works.

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Can you help us?

Here at Darker Side of Music, we aim to bring Artists to more people giving them as much exposure as possible. We also are independent and are in no way supported by any Label.

Artists today have struggled to keep their art going for a long time, especially in the genres that we love and try to help. We are also in the same boat. We fight to survive if you use our site in any way and feel you can help us with the high running costs. Please think about supporting us so we can continue to help those artists that give us incredible enjoyment from what they create.

We all have something in common our love of music.

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