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Welcome to our latest Darker Side Of Music news update.

Quite a kit has been added in the past couple of weeks so our newsletter may become a little more frequent.

Updating Forms

We are currently changing our contact forms. Mainly to improve the ease for Artists and Bands to submit their work but also to make it easier for everyone to contact us.

Artists/bands, please log in for access to the correct form.

It can also be directly accessed here.


Podcasts Now Launched

We recently had the great privilege of publishing our first full podcast interview with more to come.


Latest Interviews

We have conducted several interviews lately some being written and some being audio.

Overshare – Eric
Vice Sqaud – Beki Bondage
Crooniek – Gerry Croon
Industry Of Doom – Gentleman Vox
Daniel Ouellette

Many more are lined up over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Links to All these Artists/Bands and others

Video Testimonials

We have now launched a portal for Artists/Bands/fans to leave video testimonials for our website.

If you like what we do or we have helped you in some way it would be really cool if you could record a little testimonial for us.

Portal Access


Our Newsletter is now far more regular and we hope to keep it that way with a lot more news on what has been happening on Darker Side Of Music.

So please subscribe so you do not miss out.


A few special mentions

Just wanted to give a shout-out to the following people for their recent support:

Greg Bullock – Cyborg Amok
Paul – PMad
Matt Hart – DJ/Producer/Industrial Musician
Beki and Paul – Vice Squad

Plus so many more of you.

Special Mention

A special mention to Beki and Paul of Vice Squad for the amazing surprise they gave me.

They know what it is but honestly guys you really do rock.

Band Links

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Can you help us?

Here at Darker Side of Music, our aim is to bring Artists to more people giving them as much exposure as we can. We also are independent and are in no way supported by any Label.

Artists today have been for a long time struggling to keep their art going, especially in the genres that we love and try to help. We are also in the same boat. We fight to survive. If you use our site in any way and feel you can help us with the high running costs, please consider supporting us so we can continue to help those artists that give us incredible enjoyment from what they create.

We all have something in common our love of music.

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