When we first launched this website and YouTube channel we had hoped it would be come successful over a number of years. We knew very well that to become established it takes time and hard work. In the few months since we have launched we have gone from strength to strength with more artists than we could have ever imagined wanting interviews, reviews, bio and to be part of our planned Virtual Gig.

We want to that them for putting their trust in us to deliver the resources they need and for you the fans for using us as a source.

Our FRONT 242 Interview with Jean Luc De Meyer has hit over 1600 views we had hoped for 1000 views by the end of the year. We may now even hit 2000 view by the end of the year. It is just another example of things exceeding any expectations we had.

Our Virtual Gig has been expanding so much that we are planning on moving the date slightly to allow for the artists to be ready as more come on board all the time. We even teamed up with Live Evil Productions to make the event more epic that anyone can imagine, We are building an incredible lineup that will be a shock to many.

The team behind this event are working hard to bring you the best event we can.

So thank you from all of us and keep tuned in for more news and more interviews coming soon.

-VK Mike


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