“Land Of The Rich” is the new music video taken from their latest EP, VOYAGE, and it highlights how incredibly divided the US currently is. While the rich keep getting richer, and most Americans are struggling to get by in a country in distress. Booming vocals, punkish guitars and intense bass are part of what makes this track one of this dark electro Industrial bands most energetic and in your face songs!

This has to be without a doubt Normoria’s best creation so far. The video is effective and the sound of the band is so strong in this song. The vocals emphasises the feeling behind the song.

This has set the bar very high for future releases but going on their past releases things will only keep getting better and better.

If you have not watched the video please watch it and give it like and follow the band. A lot of hard work goes into music and this is no exception.

Very well done Normoria a great song from a great band.

Mike (VK)

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