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Release: 7 May 2021

VK’s Opinion
What can II say other than wow, real punk music. Absolutely got me hooked fast rifts, fast vocals that real sound to them. This is what punk sounded like and thanks to Cliff ad Ivy it still does. A must for any real punk sound fan.

-Mike (VK)

Alaska’s premiere dark punk/death rock duo, CLIFF AND IVY have recently unleashed their new four song EP, Bring Us The Night.  Available on limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital formats.

CLIFF AND IVY‘s music is influenced by magic. Their psychedelic style lyrics are derived from synesthesia.  The mission of Bring Us The Night is to make fast dark punk songs with weird supernatural themes. “To hit ’em hard and leave ’em wanting more. Calling all to embrace the dark; to rise, slay, and rise again.”

For fans of goth, death rock and dark punk

Bandcamp: https://cliffandivy.bandcamp.com/album/bring-us-the-night
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CliffandIvy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cliff_and_ivy/

Mike (VK)

Site owner and Editor

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