CONSVMER – Obsession (album)

There is no doubting that this lyrically has been well thought out and deals with issues we can all recognise as happening. The band are defintely heard with the powerful music and very deep vocal growls that perfectly put across the meanings behind the music. Consvmer have pieced together aContinue Reading

CORLYX – The Echo (single)

Out Of Line Music Release: 27 October 2021 Caitlin Stokes, the frontlady from Corlyx, comments about the single: “The Echo is my Postpunk revival but I’m doing it my way, I’m deeply inspired by the 80’s and 90’s so I sort of mashed the two together, I’m also not a typical gothContinue Reading


Out Of Line MusicRelease: 15 September 2021 Combichrist are back and unveil their second new single “Compliance”, after their 2019’s One Fire album. Aggrotech / industrial pioneer Andy LaPlegua proves once again to be a master of electronic brutality, heavy, dark with an evil hypnotic loop that drives the listener crazy. “Compliance” sees Combichrist keepContinue Reading


IndependentRelease: 12 June 2021 Gothic/Post-Punk duo, CYBORG AMOK have recently unleashed their debut, self-titled LP. The album covers conflict, hope, loss, betrayal, estrangement and depression, looming in the darkness on the fringe of the gray. CYBORG AMOK resides somewhere between the brilliance of twilight and the apocalyptic darkness. Their gothic infused synth-rock soundContinue Reading


IndependentRelease: 14 May 2021 Czech gothic rock heroes CATHEDRAL IN FLAMES are releasing the long-awaited album Hang Me High & Bury Me Deep. Says Gatsby: “It’s about the darkness of our souls that is around us, perversions hidden in people but also about hope and romance. This is exactly what Gothic should look like.”Continue Reading


IndependentRelease: 7 May 2021 VK’s OpinionWhat can II say other than wow, real punk music. Absolutely got me hooked fast rifts, fast vocals that real sound to them. This is what punk sounded like and thanks to Cliff ad Ivy it still does. A must for any real punk soundContinue Reading


Cleopatra Industrial Band CONTROVERSIAL Drops Visualizer For The Track, “Violence”July 2, 2021 – Belgian industrial band CONTROVERSIAL has just dropped the visualizer for their song, “Violence.”  The track appears on CONTROVERSIAL’s most recent Cleopatra Records release, Second Genesis.The song, “Violence” is based on a documentary from the 1990s about human violence.Continue Reading


Alternative/Industrial Band CARBON MARTYR Addresses Mankind & Technology With Debut AlbumIndependentRelease: 29 April 2021 June, 2021 – Toronto-based alternative Industrial band CARBON MARTYR has just unleashed their debut full-length album, A Soft Spot For The Broken. A Soft Spot For The Broken: The underlying message revolves around mankind and technology. ThisContinue Reading