Release: 15 October 2021

This has to be the album to take you to Halloween. It has got effects, spookiness and evil voices in fact everything to turn the lights off and listen by candlelight or better still moonlight and get taken on a sensory halloween adventure.

-VK Mike

Horror-electro act CUCURBITOPHOBIA has unveiled their haunted house-themed full-length album, Four Doors Of Your Deepest Fears.

Just in time for Halloween, Four Doors Of Your Deepest Fears is a concept album involving a fictional haunted house which rests at the end of an amusement park.  Few people dare to tread past the gate into the house.  Even fewer have made it through the entire house without running out the way they entered.  But all who have entered, whether they’ve made it through to the end or not, were never the same again.

Each door within the haunted house portrays a reflection of a deepest, darkest fear within the mind of the individual.  From vivid imagery which depicts infernos of fire and lava, poisonous insects, vicious storms and floods, or a maze of mirrors reflecting the most unbearable parts of a person’s inner soul, Four Doors Of Your Deepest Fears represents the experience, the journey, and the darkest thoughts of one individual who has made it through the house ‘till the very end.



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