Release: 1 September 2021

Listening to this for the first time I can hear some of what could be influences from Sisters of Mercy, U2, and in the track “Look good on you” there is a definite Flesh for Lulu vibe going on. If you are a fan of FFL then you will love that track.

To explain this album I would say give it a go because its a very mixed album with great vocals and a mix of styles that allow the listener not to get bored.

Personally I love it.

-Mike (VK)

Portland, Oregon based Rock band Lyres Of Ur   made its debut in October of 2018. Lou does everything all himself on a computer he built and has more than a decade of experience in Rhythm guitar, Lead guitar, Bass guitar, Synthesized Keys, Drums, and Vocals. He’s even created the majority of his releases’ artwork with the exception of the two most recent.

Lyres Of Ur   has an 80’s and 90’s dark style and romantic side. Most of their songs are about positivity, and love – sort of like a gothic hippie wearing leather, studs and aviators.

Lyres Of Ur   has opted for the “non full-length” album approach and has to date released eleven digital singles, -the most popular being “Ice Queen” and “I Look Good On You”. Both of these tracks have received a substantial amount of radio airplay which has resulted in an increased awareness of Lyres Of Ur  on all social media channels.



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