2nd Single “nothing’s wrong” out now!
Album “seven” (out 1.Oct.)

Zoodrake, release a very good second single with the usual 80’s Synth vibe but with a more modern feel.

The first single had a more Depeche mode feel where this one has more of the dance vibe. Its certainly a one of those tracks that gets your toe tapping and your body moving. Its has smooth synths and a great drum beat and Hiltons voice has so many variations. Its an excellent track to dance to but also enjoy with its meaningful lyrics.

If you are new to Zoodrake the Album may come as surprise because that is a great mix of dance, synth and Industrial. The album is a great showcase for the great ability of this band to appeal to a large cross genre audience and Hilton gets to showcase his voice throughout in different ways. Excellent band and the album and single are a must.

-Mike (VK)

Zoodrake, the band around singer and producer Hilton Theissen, consistently continues their unique path with the second album “seven” with ten energizing and emotional songs in a forceful way. The album “seven” was produced at Wide Noise Studio in Arnsberg (Germany) and is set for release on CD and digital on October, 1st 2021.

Hilton Theissen comments about the new single: “The song is about keeping up appearances in times of depression and the constant threat of resignation. One is deluding oneself and others.”

-Hilton Theissen

Follow the band:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/zoodrake
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoodrake
Official Website: https://www.zoodrake.de

Preorder the New Album “Seven” here: https://bfan.link/seven-1


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