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Release: 17 December 2021

CORLYX – Take Off Everything (single)
CORLYX – Take Off Everything (single)

Awesome new single from Corlyx it has a sound that has so many elements coming in making it a very exciting single. Its fast paced dance beats with the vibrant vocals make this a sure winner. Couple this single with the second track The Echo that is a very catchy, fast paced track that can stand on its own two feet as its another class song.

I am sure that this will be a amazing success for Corlyx.

-VK Mike

Today, the darkwave post-punk duo Corlyx released a new single and video for the new song “Take Off Everything”.  

Caitlin Stokes, the front lady from Corlyx, comments about the new single: 

“Take Off Everything is a celebration of sensuality, strip off all that you carry and offer yourself to love, and it is also about just letting things go and moving forward; I love a good double meaning behind lyrics.” 

“This track sonically hosts the feeling of the 80’s post-punk and new wave. It’s very much a get-up and dance track,” adds Caitlin.

The music video was directed by Corlyx singer Caitlin Stokes of Twisted Eye Photography. Her desire to visually represent her music pushes her forward into her videography passion, telling stories about the human experience through music and visual art. Corlyx is Caitlin Stokes and Brandon Ashley, initially formed in Los Angeles until the duo set out for Berlin. Now living in Brighton U.K. Corlyx adds a live bassist to their lineup and explore the realms of darkwave/post-punk with a modern production.

We are so excited for the new record coming out spring of 2022 and the amazing opportunity we have been given to join the Out Of Line family, big plans to bring the live show everywhere we can. I’m loving the live guitars, bass, and synths approach we’ve got going now, the perfect blend of electronic and live instruments. Follow us on @corlyx_official for updates!

– Caitlin Stokes, CORLYX –

Official Links:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corlyx_official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/corlyx_official



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