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Release: 2 December 2021

VILLAIN OF THE STORY Sign Worldwide Deal With Out Of Line Release New Single / Video “Losing Control” today!
After signing to Out Of Line MusicVillain Of The Story is ready to set sails and drop a brand-new single / video, “Losing Control,” today!

Villain Of The Story is a metalcore / hard rock band. Their single “Losing Control” is the perfect mix between the heaviness of today’s metalcore and the best melody in classic heavy-rock with a catchy chorus and a powerful production. The song is about when anxiety becomes so unbearable that you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. “It’s about that struggle of not feeling in control, but also how the only person who can control your mind is yourself. It’s a battle that’s sometimes very hard to fight, but the song aims to capture that moment in time when you’re trying to talk yourself down,” comments the band.

Watch “Losing Control” here: https://youtu.be/0nP0__nALWM

Speaking about the signing, Villain Of The Story says: “We are thrilled to be signing with Out of Line. Everyone feels eager to work with us and bring our music to the next level. We’re excited to work with a team of genuine people and can’t wait to release new music with them.”Villain Of The Story is on top of the game in the quickly growing and healthy modern metal and rock scene, and you may have noticed the band already on the digital platforms. Now following on their last singles and videos, the Minneapolis, MN (USA) based four-piece really come into their own out now via Out Of Line. 

Stream it: https://villainofthestory.lnk.to/
While we excitedly await more singles and info on their upcoming album through the label, the band reveals that it is “the most diverse album we’ve written. It’s the evolution of our overall style of mixing heavier songs with lighter songs, but with some extra experimentation. A couple of tracks that feel familiar, a couple that feel new for us, and a couple that blend both sides of things.”

Villain Of The Story has released three studio albums and an EP with a growth of +20 MIO plays across all platforms and +124k monthly followers on Spotify.Villain Of The Story is:Christian Grey – VocalsLogan Bartholomew – VocalsCody Pauly – GuitarPage Brownie – Bass


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