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STRIDULUM are a duo based in Silesia, Poland, they were formed in 2019.

Marita Volodina – vocals and lyrics)
Arkadiy Berg – instruments

This is an album I have been waiting to hear. After hearing Bleeding I was hooked and just wanted more from this Duo.

I managed to get to listen to this pre-release and wow what an incredible album. The melodies are fantastic along with the incredible vocals that are so distinct, haunting but mesmerising too.

This duo are surely heading for great heights.

The Album starts with Vain an instrumental that from this leads you straight into Bleeding that is such an indication of the quality of what is to come.

Each track on the album if you close your eyes almost makes you feel like you are running away from something. The melodies have a hint of Gary Numan in them and this is no way distracting from the talent that is Stridulum. Each track on this Album could well be a single on its own merit. The feeling that is in the lyrics and the melodies blend perfectly together yet still leaving the listener hearing both in a special way.

The final track on the album is Ashes and like the initial track is instrumental and brings the album to a close leaving you to realise that the album has almost been a story from start to finish and Ill leave you to winder how that story ended when you listen to the final track.

Two bits of advice first get this album its very very good. Second on first listen at least listen to it in the order they intended it to be played.

Overall this album is a great example of music meeting story telling in an adrenaline fuelled way.

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