A group of people posing for a picture to promote the pMad album "I In Power.

I’m thrilled to have been granted the opportunity to listen to pMad’s upcoming second album, “I in Power”.

This record is an absolute triumph – a remarkable collection of heartfelt songs such as “Opinion”, “Electric”, and “Missing”. Each one contains inspiring lyrical content that will get audiences thinking.

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STRIDULUM are a duo based in Silesia, Poland, they were formed in 2019. Marita Volodina – vocals and lyrics)Arkadiy Berg – instruments This is an album I have been waiting to hear. After hearing Bleeding I was hooked and just wanted more from this Duo. I managed to get toContinue Reading

DARK – NIGHTMARE (debut album) – REVIEW

YOUNG & COLD RECORDS / YCR106 Release date: 15.12.2021 The debut Album from DARK is soon with us. I have been lucky enough to get hold of a copy for review and what an album this is. The deep and eerie vocals of DARK are haunting alongside the energetic andContinue Reading