pMad – Fire

Released: 1 May 2023

A man stunningly holds a fireball amidst the woods.
pMad – Fire
mesmerising lyricism
The iconic pMad is back with an irresistibly powerful new single, “Fire”, conveying real-world issues with a heartfelt, mesmerising lyricism.

Paul’s vocals, unrivalled in their seamless blend of emotion and control, provide the perfect backdrop for this incendiary track.

The melodic structure is flawless, with majestically soaring highs and emotionally-charged lows emphasizing the power of the words at hand. This track will surely have you hooked, as it’s impossible to resist its captivating charm!

As always, pMad has delivered the goods yet again; fans will be ablaze with an appreciation for this thrilling release!

The full album review is to follow.


pMad new single ‘Fire’ opens with his signature bassline, setting the tone for what's to come. The vocals kick in, accompanied by pounding drums, electrifying guitars, incredible synths that create a banging anthem that pulls the listeners into the heart of the song.

Our planet is on ‘Fire’. Do we have the time and the will to save it?

Will those with the Power and the Money be willing to sacrifice their profits or will they wait until they can make a new fortune in telling us they saved us?

Or will it all be too late!!

Die neue Single "Fire" von pMad beginnt mit seiner charakteristischen Bassline und gibt den Ton für das an, was kommen wird. Der Gesang tritt ein, begleitet von pochenden Trommeln, elektrisierenden Gitarren, unglaublichen Synthesizern, die eine knallte Hymne schaffen, die die Zuhörer in das Herz des Songs zieht.

Unser Planet ist in "Feuer". Haben wir die Zeit und den Willen, es zu retten?

Werden diejenigen mit der Macht und dem Geld bereit sein, ihre Gewinne zu opfern, oder werden sie warten, bis sie ein neues Vermögen machen können, um uns zu sagen, dass sie uns gerettet haben?

Oder wird es alles zu spät sein!!

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