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Avarice In Audio
– War Tanz

Released: 7 April 2023

Avarice In Audio – War Tanz
an absolute must
Avarice in Audio’s newest release–the EP “War Tanz”,–is an absolute must-listen for all industrial music fans.

The EP contains three unique versions of the title track and an additional bonus song entitled “Downer Grooves.”

The lead hybrid-industrial number packs a serious punch, with the highlights undoubtedly being the Alien Nation remix, an absolute powerhouse offering. It will certainly please fans of the genre and Combichrist admirers alike.

An additional version caters more to the dancefloor crowd, though it retains its industrial feel throughout.

An altogether enthralling and energising listening experience, “War Tanz” is worthy of several spins.

Each piece on offer stands strong on its own merits, leaving the listener in no doubt that this is an EP of the highest quality.

Industrial music lovers should be sure to pick up their copies without delay.


The Australian dark electro pair Avarice In Audio, comprised of Gerry Hawkins and Lawrie, returns with an enticing new 4-track EP titled “War Tanz”.

“War Tanz” is quite a powerful track and many people's personal favourite on the band’s last album “Our Idols Are Filth”. The single is available now for download via Bandcamp.

“War Tanz” is the second single from their recently launched 5th album, “Our Idols Are Filth”. Alongside the title track, the EP features three additional tracks, including a remix by AVARICE IN AUDIO ’s own Studio-X, a rendition by Columbia’s Alien: Nation, and an exclusive bonus track called “Downer Grooves”.
Here’s the video for “War Tanz”.

Formed in early 2013, the project has since released a string of albums and EPs.


Das australische dunkle Elektro-Paar Avarice In Audio, bestehend aus Gerry Hawkins und Lawrie, kehrt mit einer verlockenden neuen 4-Track-EP mit dem Titel "War Tanz" zurück.

"War Tanz" ist ein ziemlich kraftvoller Track und der persönliche Favorit vieler Leute auf dem letzten Album der Band "Our Idols Are Filth". Die Single kann jetzt über Bandcamp heruntergeladen werden.

"War Tanz" ist die zweite Single aus ihrem kürzlich veröffentlichten 5. Album "Our Idols Are Filth". Neben dem Titeltrack enthält die EP drei weitere Tracks, darunter einen Remix von AVARICE IN AUDIOs eigenem Studio-X, eine Interpretation von Columbias Alien: Nation und einen exklusiven Bonustrack namens "Downer Grooves".

Hier ist das Video zu "War Tanz".

Das Anfang 2013 gegründete Projekt hat seitdem eine Reihe von Alben und EPs veröffentlicht.

Shine & Burn – 2014
Apollo & Dionysus – 2016
No Punishment: No Paradise – 2018
From The Rib Of Adam – 2020
Our Idols Are Filth – 2022

Singles & EPs:
Frostbite – 2014
World Without Song – 2015
Bleed As One – 2015
The Cassandra Complex – 2015
Anthracite Nights – 2016
Crystal Tears – 2016
Lie To Me – 2017
Wolves At The Door – 2018
Our Cold Hands – 2018
Trojan Horse – 2020
I Pray (Feat. Assemblage 23) – 2021
The Language Of Violence – 2022
War Tanz – 2023

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