Release: 22 November 2021

Love this track from Tigercide and fans of Switchblade Symphony will absolutely fall head over heals with this. Its a superb track with the most trance inducing melody with hypnotic vocals. I highly recommend closing your eyes and let the music take you. This is a track you can play over and over and not get bored its addictive, its superb and deserves to be played over and over again. Just so damn good.

-VK Mike

Darkwave band, TIGERCIDE has just unveiled their new single, “I Of  Tiger.”

“I Of Tiger” taps the soul, a reminder to be aware of the chaos of one’s external and internal world. It’s a song of discernment and following one’s true path regardless of the way the world moves. Mind and body in harmony, as no one can disarm the soul but one’s own self.

TIGERCIDE brings the light into the dark, with a dirty synth hook and a grimy rhythm. Vocalist, Shexist sails above the electronic mayhem to deliver a transcending message.

Tigercide – I Of Tiger (single)
Tigercide – I Of Tiger (single)
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