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Release: 17 December 2021

If you are into your Industrial Dancing these two tracks from Panic Lift will having you on your feet for sure. The very powerful industrial beats with great vocals will have you moving to the beat.

Failure Principle the more traditional industrial dance and then Disease of Kings more energetic beat that will ensure you are using as much energy as possible. The remixes included on here offer a varied beat and melody to each of the tracks so theres something for all industrial dance fans. A very good EP to keep the fans happy.

-VK Mike

New Jersey Industrial act PANIC LIFT return to release the second installment in their five-part EP series titled Pieces; the follow up to this past summer’s Split. Pieces showcases two new songs. “Disease Of Kings” and “Failure Principle” are both introspective and melancholy tracks with themes that revolve around stress, addiction, and self-image.

“Disease Of Kings” is an industrial rock sludgefest that incorporates symphonic keyboard melodies and a wall of guitars. The second track, a futurepop inspired dance floor smasher “Failure Principle” features a thick synth bassline accompanied by soaring keyboard leads.

Also featured with the release is a limited-edition PANIC LIFT face mask to accompany you on your journeys through the current post-apocalyptic landscape.

For this release, PANIC LIFT enlisted remixers genCAB, Assemblage 23, and KALCYFR who each lend their talents to the two tracks.

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