Title: Flood EP


Release: 4 October 2021

The catchy “Fun Boy Three” with the haunting vocals make this such an incredible track to listen and drift too.

Darken the room, close your eyes with this playing loud and you will be carried off to a far of dreamland.

Absolutely superb track.

-VK Mike

The Funeral March Of The Marionettes (aka The Funeral March) – Flood EP

With Flood, the 6th release from The Funeral March, the band continues to evolve their sound while exploring their influences old and new.

Joe Whiteaker says of the process “The initial concept/demo for Flood occurred in the same sessions as Useless. When it comes time to make Flood, one goal I had was to take a look/listen to where we have been, and see how the path might diverge… I didn’t want to just make another song like the ones that came before it.”

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of The Cure, and one thing I have always loved about them is their amazing b-sides so I started thinking about how for this release I could do something in the spirit of that. I also had been struggling with what the song (Flood) was going to be titled. I kept coming back to the refrain “In the flood of our end times…” So Flood just kinda stuck.

Of course when I started telling people about it, lots of people would ask if I knew there was a Sisters of Mercy song by the same name. I don’t live under a rock, so of course I knew it. And one of my favorite tracks by them is Neverland. So between that track and Fear of Ghosts by the Cure is where you will find the impetus for Fall Down.

Once I get together with my co-producer Earache, we kind of throw it all in a blender and I think you start to hear some of the newer things I am really into.

I am especially thrilled that Hide Tepes from Carrion & Dove Tribe agreed to give us his spin on the song. And to round it all out, when I was gathering the files to get it ready for release, I found an older more “straight-ahead” version of the title track (Vulgate BiblicalVersion), that I think still sounds great and adds another layer to the story.

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The Funeral March Of The Marionettes – (new EP)
The Funeral March Of The Marionettes – (new EP)


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