Out Of Line Music

Release: 20 October 2021

This is a must for fans of Kraftwerk. Absolutely fantastic electronic music.

Get it and enjoy a bit of “modern” yet still “retro” electronic music.

-VK Mike

The official remix is the result of a collaboration between REAKTON and K-PaulREAKTON stated earlier on IG: “He has a PhD in electronic music, dissected our track again mathematically, then converted it into a new formula and programmed a club application.”

This release follows the original song release and the Jan Ehret remix earlier on all leading music platforms. All participants bring their own style and sound to the song. REAKTON is an electronic sound project dedicated to the genre of Robotronic Music. “nano” is dreaming of the future in the nanotech medical world.  Play – Repeat – Volume High.

Unboxing REAKTON: “Listening to Reakton only in the club out on the dance floor, that’s just not enough. The sound is highly nuanced; this is what you’ll be listening to in the car or when you’re once again constructing a high-tech robot and need to get your mind wrapped up in the coding.” Reakton takes listeners into a fascinating world of sound. Reakton is blue, elegant, and pleasant to listen to. Perfectly tuned for the hi-fi gourmet. And Reakton recommends, “you can listen to it on your high-tech speakers or even on your studio headphones, both is fine. Watching a movie repeatedly is exhausting for those who are spoiled with entertainment – this is one you’ll want to listen to over and over again because there’s always more to discover.”

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