Release: 21 October 2021

One year following the debut release Of RuinationThe Palace of Tears offer a collection of remixes showcasing their music from todays most intriguing artists to contribute their sonic interpretations to this one of a kind compilation. With the intention of a creating a release showcasing a variety of moods, experimentation and atmosphere, akin to The Palace‘s sonic aesthetic, The Dark And Scarred Remixes emerged. Being huge fans of the artists featured, the band contacted each artist to contribute their interpretations of their work. The results are bewitching, visceral and astounding.

Musical styles from coldwave ambient to shoegaze to space dub to classical guitar, The Darkened and Scarred Remixes is a collectible for fans of The Palace of Tears ritualistic ethereal darkwave sound. credits releases October 21, 2021

The Palace of Tears :: L.V. Darkling and Erick r
Scheid Compiled and Assembled @ Chateau of the Crying Myst New Orleans June 2021
Graphic Design :: Stephen Seto
Pre – Mastering Treatments :: Erick r Scheid
Mastered by Daniel Henderson @ Newphasemusic
Promotion :: William Zimmerman c/o New Dark Ages PR

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The Palace Of Tears – The Darkened And Scarred Remixes
The Palace Of Tears – The Darkened And Scarred Remixes


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