Mortal Realm – Stab In The Dark

Released: 5 July 2024

Mortal Realm – Stab In The Dark
pretty impressive
Mortal Realm have released their debut full length album and it is pretty impressive.

Starting off with a mainly instrumental powerhouse “OX”. The track really sets the stage for the whole album.

The only track that differs in style is track 3 “Death Debt” that is more of a damce style track that is perfect for fans who like that kind of variation.

The albun has fantastic synth melodies and deep electronic drum beats that will very clearly shake any venue.

The deep growling vocals and an extra dimension to the tracks enhancing every track in an incredible way.

There are so many influences to be heard through the tracks there is a subtle 80s vibe through many of the tracks.

For a debut album this goes above and beyond what is expected and will impress most industrial fans that wnat a little something more than the norm.

Well worth a listen and i think you will be pretty much a fan.

Great debut.



Negative Gain Productions recording artists, MORTAL REALM have just unveiled their debut, full-length album, Stab In The Dark. The project was founded by Adam Jones; a founding member of both noteworthy acts, HAEX and STERLING SILICON.

By blending various genre elements like electro-industrial dance, dark experimental, and gritty machine sampling, each track resonates with relentless mechanical power, establishing an atmosphere of raw energy and unapologetic emotion.

Stab In The Dark explores the depths of the genre, from grinding distorted synths to haunting melodies. It’s not just music; it’s an exploration of the darker aspects of the human condition, a journey into the extremes of industrial sound, with an electrifying fusion of unconventional instrumentation and evocative lyrics.

“Most of the tracks are about some of the worst thoughts I’ve had, how messed up the world is (particularly with the rich, the rulers, and authority), and the struggle of overcoming these things.” – Adam Jones

Stab In The Dark is available on LP and CD formats as well as on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify.

Stab In The Dark erforscht die Tiefen des Genres, vom Schleifen von verzerrten Synthesizern bis hin zu eindringlichen Melodien. Es ist nicht nur Musik; es ist eine Erforschung der dunkleren Aspekte des menschlichen Zustands, eine Reise in die Extreme des industriellen Klangs mit einer elektrisierenden Fusion aus unkonventioneller Instrumentierung und eindrucksvollen Texten.

“In den meisten Tracks geht es um einige der schlimmsten Gedanken, die ich hatte, wie durcheinander die Welt ist (insbesondere mit den Reichen, den Herrschern und der Autorität) und den Kampf, diese Dinge zu überwinden.” – Adam Jones

Stab In The Dark ist auf LP- und CD-Formaten sowie auf allen wichtigen digitalen Plattformen einschließlich Bandcamp und Spotify verfügbar.

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