Cathedral In Flmes
– Rebel Yell

Release Date: 13 October 2023

Cathedral In Flmes – Rebel Yell
A Dark Gothic Masterpiece

In the realm of dark and mesmerizing music, Cathedral In Flames has once again cast their spell, delivering an electrifying rendition of Billy Idol’s iconic track, “Rebel Yell.” This cover is a testament to the band’s uncanny ability to transform any song into a dark gothic masterpiece.

Key Points:
Cathedral In Flames’ rendition belts out with deep, dark vocals that are captivating and haunting.

The power drumming and beats elevate the track to its full potential, creating an immersive and intense atmosphere.

The band’s magical touch transforms “Rebel Yell” into a dark gothic powerhouse that showcases their musical prowess.

Despite my initial skepticism, Cathedral In Flames has proven me wrong with their breathtaking cover. They have effortlessly converted this classic track into a mesmerizing journey that showcases their unique style.

If you’re a fan of dark gothic music or appreciate bands that push musical boundaries, Cathedral In Flames is a band you must watch. Their cover of “Rebel Yell” is a testament to their talent, creativity, and dedication to crafting music that captivates and enthralls.

About Cathedral In Flames:
Cathedral In Flames is a dark goth band that has gained a cult following for their captivating live performances and their ability to weave haunting melodies with powerful lyrics.

Hailing from the depths of the underground music scene, the band has garnered praise for their dark and mesmerizing sound. With their latest cover of “Rebel Yell,” Cathedral In Flames solidifies their position as a band that consistently defies expectations and delivers music that resonates with listeners long after the final note fades.



The Czech gothic rock band, Cathedral In Flamesunleashed their version of Billy Idol’s legendary song, “Rebel Yell” on Friday, October 13th.

In their version of the iconic song, Cathedral In Flames toyed with tempos, added strings and flirted with blast-beats for the first time in their history. Produced by the legendary John Freyer, the song retains the anthemic fast-paced chorus, which is further supported by a stylized comic book video.

Singer Phil Lee Fall says, “The songs were basically made to order. And we had a lot of arguments over it. We couldn’t figure it out for a long time, but when Gatsby threw in the tempo changes, everything clicked. And John added the blast beats symbolically at the very end.”

And Gatsby adds, “”I’ve never liked this song, so I approached it in the end in the style of seeing if something interesting could be made out of a thousand times stale little ditty. How it turned out, judge for yourself. I’m washing my hands!””

Die tschechische Gothic-Rockband Cathedral In Flamesunleashed am Freitag, den 13. Oktober, ihre Version von Billy Idols legendärem Song “Rebel Yell”.

In ihrer Version des ikonischen Songs spielten Cathedral In Flames zum ersten Mal in ihrer Geschichte mit Tempi, fügte Saiten hinzu und flirtete mit Blast-Beats. Produziert vom legendären John Freyer, behält das Lied den schnelllebigen Chor bei, der durch ein stilisiertes Comic-Video weiter unterstützt wird.

Sänger Phil Lee Fall sagt: “Die Songs wurden im Grunde genommen auf Bestellung hergestellt. Und wir hatten viele Auseinandersetzungen darüber. Wir konnten es lange Zeit nicht herausfinden, aber als Gatsby die Tempoänderungen einwarf, klickte alles. Und John fügte die Explosionsschläge ganz am Ende symbolisch hinzu.”

Und Gatsby fügt hinzu: “Ich habe dieses Lied noch nie gemocht, also näherte ich mich ihm am Ende im Stil, um zu sehen, ob etwas Interessantes aus tausendmal abgestandenem kleinem Ditty gemacht werden könnte. Wie es sich herausgestellt hat, urteilen Sie selbst. Ich wasche mir die Hände!”

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