Cathedral In Flames
– Not Another Vampire Song

Label: independent

Released: 16 December 2022

Cathedral In Flames – Not Another Vampire Song
classic goth cowboy energy
Be inspired by the incredible sounds of Cathedral in Flames, a magnificent goth rock band from Prague. Pay homage to classic 80s Goth with its founding members, such as Fields of the Nephilim, Bauhaus, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and Sisters of Mercy—all effortlessly melded together by Cathedral in Flames.

Immerse yourself in the captivating vibes of this talented crew—they’ll blow your mind!

Cathedral in Flames has unveiled its brand-new single “Not Another Vampire Song”, and it’s the perfect blend of outstandingly sublime sounds.

Their signature combination of deep, resonating vocals and brooding gothic notes is simply captivating, weaving together influences from multiple genres to formulate a track incorporating classic goth cowboy energy.

This latest effort from the band is yet another masterpiece, sure to leave longtime fans nostalgically enchanted and newcomers instantly hooked.

Gothic aficionados of all ages will want to take advantage of this unique and compelling offering from Cathedral in Flames.


Prague's gothic rock band Cathedral In Flames have just unveiled their new single, "Not Another Vampire Song." The single follows the release of their Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds cover of "The Weeping Song" which was well-received worldwide.

"Not Another Vampire Song" is the fastest and hardest in the band's history. Legendary producer John Fryer (Fields of The Nephilim, Peter Murphy, Nine Inch Nails) produced the new recordings and helped the Czech gothic cowboys to the new sound.

The lyrics poke fun at typical gothic rock themes as well as stories of closed rock clubs and churches,.

"The song is based on a memory of the nineties, when we used to travel (not only to play) around Bohemia, and after a night of drinking we would go the next morning to the only place that was open (on Saturday or Sunday) at that time, so to church.

It's also about booze, or rather about alcoholics and how after a few drinks quiet introverted introverts turn into raging sovereign steamrollers. And how they turn into pale, hungover vampires the next day, afraid of daylight and looking in the mirror."
- Phil Lee Fall

"Not Another Vampire Song" is available on all major streaming platforms including Bandcamp NOW!

Die Prager Gothic-Rockband Cathedral In Flames hat gerade ihre neue Single "Not Another Vampire Song" enthüllt. Die Single folgt auf die Veröffentlichung ihres Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-Covers von "The Weeping Song", das weltweit gut aufgenommen wurde.

"Not Another Vampire Song" ist das schnellste und härteste in der Geschichte der Band. Der legendäre Produzent John Fryer (Fields of The Nephilim, Peter Murphy, Nine Inch Nails) produzierte die neuen Aufnahmen und half den tschechischen Gothic-Cowboys zum neuen Sound.

Die Texte machen sich über typische Gothic-Rock-Themen sowie Geschichten von geschlossenen Rockclubs und Kirchen lustig.

"Das Lied basiert auf einer Erinnerung an die neunziger Jahre, als wir früher durch Böhmen reisten (nicht nur um zu spielen), und nach einer Nacht des Trinkens gingen wir am nächsten Morgen an den einzigen Ort, der zu dieser Zeit (am Samstag oder Sonntag) geöffnet war, also in die Kirche.

Es geht auch um Alkohol, oder besser gesagt um Alkoholiker und wie sich nach ein paar Drinks ruhige introvertierte Introvertierte in wütende souveräne Dampfwalzen verwandeln. Und wie sie sich am nächsten Tag in blasse, verkaterte Vampire verwandeln, Angst vor Tageslicht haben und in den Spiegel schauen." - Phil Lee Fall

"Not Another Vampire Song" ist auf allen wichtigen Streaming-Plattformen verfügbar, einschließlich Bandcamp NOW!

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