BRITTANY BINDRIM – Velella Velella

Released: 8 March 2024

BRITTANY BINDRIM – Velella Velella
beautiful melodic vocals that are dreamy
From its epic first track the new album from Brittany Bindrim “Velella Velella” is fantastic mix of dark and dance combined.

The first track on the album is “Obelisk” and as stated above has such an epic sound. It has deep and crisp drum beats and a melody that flows perfectly in the background then you add in the beautiful melodic vocals that are dreamy.

The style of music reminds me of Bill Nelson (Red Noise) its not just a song its a musical experience. Songs like “Hear Say”, “The Well” are such great tracks.

On first hearing this album you get surprised by the subtle differences in styles of vocals that you hear. It really makes this a fascinating alsum to listen to.

Do not mistake this for a dance or pop album its certainly not neither is it goth or metal, this is a toal experience that will captivate and impress you.

Lyrically, there are some really complexities behind them, definetely an album to give a honest listen to.

Enjoy the experience that this album brings and be delighted and captured by the incredible bass lines.



Chicago-based dark electronic pop artist Brittany Bindrim has just released her debut solo album, ‘Velella Velella.’ Already known for her catchy melodies and powerhouse vocal performances in her band I:Scintilla, Brittany ventures off into foreign yet natural sonic terrains as a solo artist with hard-hitting, edgy tracks featuring punishing beats and harsh synthesizers. ‘Velella Velella’ showcases both the versatility and evolution of her work. This new chapter of Brittany’s career takes her into a new experimental realm with producer Matt McJunkins (A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Eagles of Death Metal, Poppy). Channeling transformation, sociopolitical climates, and expeditions to understand the darker side of human nature, her vulnerable and unapologetic lyrics showcase themes of self-discovery, empathy, apathy, disillusionment, and growth. ‘Velella Velella’ was released today by Metropolis Records on all digital and streaming formats along with a limited edition vinyl edition as well as on CD.

Die in Chicago ansässige Dark-Electronic-Pop-Künstlerin Brittany Bindrim hat gerade ihr Debüt-Soloalbum “Velella Velella” veröffentlicht. Brittany ist bereits bekannt für ihre eingängigen Melodien und kraftvollen Gesangsauftritte in ihrer Band I:Scintilla und wagt sich als Solokünstlerin in fremdes, aber natürliches Klanggelände mit harten, kantigen Tracks mit bestrafenden Beats und harten Synthesizern. “Velella Velella” zeigt sowohl die Vielseitigkeit als auch die Entwicklung ihrer Arbeit. Dieses neue Kapitel von Brittanys Karriere führt sie in ein neues experimentelles Reich mit dem Produzenten Matt McJunkins (A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Eagles of Death Metal, Poppy). Sie kanalisiert Transformation, soziopolitisches Klima und Expeditionen, um die dunklere Seite der menschlichen Natur zu verstehen, und ihre verletzlichen Texte zeigen Themen wie Selbstfindung, Empathie, Apathie, Desillusionierung und Wachstum. “Velella Velella” wurde heute von Metropolis Records in allen digitalen und Streaming-Formaten zusammen mit einer limitierten Vinyl-Edition sowie auf CD veröffentlicht.

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