Release: 23 January 2018

Xorcist – L’assassin (single)
Xorcist – L’assassin (single)

When you want an upbeat throwback but with a modern twist this is it. Hints of Kraftwerk and Laurie Anderson in one track. Love your electronic music then this is for you. An outstanding relaxing electronic track to purely relax and enjoy. Literally sit back and enjoy the ride.

-VK Mike

Xorcist – “L’assassin” off the 2018 self-release: GOD 
Xorcist is the project of Bat (Peter Stone) started in Los Angeles, 1989 and then signed to 21st Circuitry Records (San Francisco) in 1990 followed by moving to Pendragon Records, then Metropolis Records. Xorcist is currently unsigned and released a new album in 2018 titled “GOD” after a 20 year hiatus which is available at

Bat has also been involved in creating and running a number of clubs over the years (House of Usher, The Black Lodge, EUROPA [S.F., CA], Madeline’s Tomb/Peek-A-Boo [Hollywood, CA], EROS/ZION/The Cheese Pit [Humboldt County, CA], CyberDen/Undercity [Baltimore, MD]) and currently DJ/VJs live at and in the Portland, OR. area when the opportunity arises.

Xorcist last performed a pair of live shows in 2019, one with Hocico, in anticipation for a national tour which was to include Procession before the pandemic curbed all future shows.

Future plans for 2022 include a new Xorcist album. A new live show will be determined as the pandemic eases up.

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