Release: 5 October 2021

This is a track that will grab your attention very quickly if you are a fan of the vocal tones of Pete Murphy from Bauhaus the similarity is amazing.

The musical sound has a EBM rythem with the deep electronic drum beat but this combination with the vocals works so well. Close your eyes turn up the volume and just enjoy this sound. You will not be disappointed.

-VK Mike

From the cauldron of the New York City underground, THE WITCH KINGS  stepped onto the Dark music scene with a brooding passion that had long been missed.

Every song will grab you by the collar and shove you into an uncomfortable place, a place of dark truths and broken dreams.

THE WITCH KINGS  sound is a fiery mix of Social Distortion and Bauhaus with the Salted blessings of Johnny Cash.It is Passion, and Love gone wrong, it is the dying of Dreams and Love in its most honest state.For all that it is, at the heart of The Witch-Kings is the sincere need to have and to hold that which is unattainable. It is the aftermath of all things gone wrong.


The Witch Kings – Don’t Let Go (single)
The Witch Kings – Don’t Let Go (single)


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