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Release: 7 December 2021

Listening to this EP was a pleasure to me, the vocals are absolutely spot on for me along with the brilliant melodies reminding me of Bauhaus, Bowie and Psychedelic Furs. This EP is really a golden ticket for the fans with 9 tracks all offering something special in its own right. If you are a fan of Darkwave, Goth get this you will not be disappointed at all.

The lyrics are so heartfelt so do take them in. The touch of female harmonies in the songs just add to the feelings felt when writing and performing these tracks. The EP cannot be faulted. It s perfect.

-VK Mike

New York-based darkwave band, CRIMSON BRÛLÉE has just dropped their debut EP, Tragica.

The songs weave tales of love lost and redemption; the refusal to accept the inevitable. Tales of forgiveness and the sincere hope that true love will rise in the end –if only at the very end. …Words for the wounded hearts of the world.

The sound of Tragica has been described as a melodic combination of David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, and Depeche Mode with post-punk elements of Joy Division and Bauhaus. Bright melodies juxtaposed with heavy, dark lyrics.


“It was early 2019, Billy Keith and I were sitting around in the studio listening to tracks from our new EP at the time, “Don’t Let Go”. As we listened, the idea of incorporating keyboards into our band “The Witch-Kings” came up. There was only one person that came to mind and that was Nicole Eres from my first band “Bitter Grace”.

Sadly, halfway into the night it had become obvious that the chemistry wasn’t there. Out of respect for our brothers in “The Witch-Kings” we decided just to assemble another project keeping the Kings intact along with its dark, heavy-handed guitar-only vibe.

Nicole, Billy, and I got together to play and it was magic. We then chose Crimson Brûlée as the official name. After the departure of our bassist, Johan, we picked up Jaime Filomio on bass and then Oscar Arias on guitars later on.

The synergy and the tunes were fantastic – more melodic and brighter, yet painfully melancholic. Then in early 2021, we got word that Johan had passed away. A real tough loss, as he was a brilliant musician and one of the coolest cats ever.

We spent the latter half of 2020 through 2021 recording our EP “Tragica” which was released in December. The EP is dedicated to Johan. It is important to us to play live shows in 2022.  

-Gustavo Lapis Ahumada
On the creation of Crimson Brûlée.


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