Plastic Assault Network – Soul Seeker (single)
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Release: 17 December 2021

“Soul Seeker” the third single released by Plastic Assault Network on December 17th 2021.

This song will complete the first EP release for this project.

This song has the featured artist: Gabe Wilkinson from Microwaved. Out of Garden City, USA. He was responsible for adding the samples and some additional synth and electronic drums.
Accompanying core P.A.N. Artist on this track: Per-Anders Kurenbach out of Bochum, Germany (Co-production, keys, and backing vocals). Jörn Schwarzburger out of Hamberg, Germany (Live Accustic Drums). Stefan Carr out of Detroit, USA (Electric Guitar). Robert Andrew Bowman out of Detroit, USA  (Writer, Co-Producer, and Main Vocals).

Plastic Assault Network (AKA PAN) is a collaborative cyberpunk music project that currently spans over three countries, eight cities, fourteen musicians, three visual artist, several studios, and an endless amount of creativity. PAN was founded by singer song writer Robert Andrew Bowman and Co-Produced by Per-Anders Kurenbach.    

In the late 90’s founder Robert Andrew Bowman being influenced by such bands like Pig Face, Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy, wanted to put together a collaboration project with all of his local Detroit friends from other bands. “There was never a good way or enough time to bring people together and the technology wasn’t there yet.” Says Robert.

However, in March of 2020 with the early stages of Covid-19 raging in the world and with the advancements of technology, Robert final made this project come to life. This was due to the fact that so many of his friends and musical colleagues (including himself) were out of work and could not tour during this time of lock down. Along with the fact that Robert and his colleagues all have their own digital studios and the technology to easily transfer data made everything possible.

Robert started off by reaching out to many of his friends, asking the simple question: “Do you want to come out and play” along with a description of what he wanted to do. To his honor and surprise thirteen musicians, a couple of visual artist and some studios from around the USA, Germany, and Austria, decided to participate in this experiment. PAN is slated to be released to the world wide web in October 2021.

PAN New:
Plastic Assault Network’s official launch day was October 20, 2021 (The Full “PAN’s” Moon. featuring the debut first single Pandem(on)ic with a small bio of the band members that were involved in this particular song. Every month on the full moon PAN will release another single with the featured artist that were involved.

Plastic Assault Network – Soul Seeker (single)
Plastic Assault Network – Soul Seeker (single)

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