Neonpocalypse – ish (EP)

Label: Swiss Dark Nights

Release: 14 January 2022

These are extremely catch yaks at will get you hooked. The melodies and the soothing dark vocals make for very easy listening and a very relaxing listen.

Can be played over and over and enjoyed I your eyes closed. Let is EP take you.

-VK Mike

NEONPOCALYPSE, the first ever solo project by Then Comes Silence frontman Alex Svenson, releases its first EP, -ish.

Svenson explains that the six-track NEONPOCALYPSE EP fulfils a personal as much as a musical need: “I needed to fix my mind on something else. The band takes up a lot of my time and this is just a side project to find a new input… and a new output.”

The music by NEONPOCALYPSE is the end of days to a swell tune  with a zippy beat. If the world is going under, enjoy the beautiful scenery and suck carefully on the last joyful moments… with a smile on your lips. 

Tracks like, “Broken Circles’ blend sound similar to John Foxx and Simple Minds, yet with an unmistakably modern twist, thanks as much to Svenson’s familiar velvety croon and strong sense of melody. Others like “Game Over” and “Lips And The Light” pay homage to early industrial and 80s synth scene artists.

-ish is available now on limited edition CD and digital formats via the Swiss Dark Nights label.

Neonpocalypse – ish (EP)
Neonpocalypse – ish (EP)


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