Neonpocalypse – ish (EP)

These are extremely catch yaks at will get you hooked. The melodies and the soothing dark vocals make for very easy listening and a very relaxing listen. Can be played over and over and enjoyed I your eyes closed. Let is EP take you. -VK Mike NEONPOCALYPSE, the first everContinue Reading

Gravity Corps – Zero Grav

Independent Release: 28 October 2021 Mark Sousa, the mastermind behind futurepop act, VOICECOIL has just dropped the debut EP for his project, GRAVITY CORPS. “Gravity Corps is a different angle to what I do artistically.  It’s a more aggressive, angrier side of my mind.  It’s a more simplistic and raw presentationContinue Reading

Stabbing Westward – I Am Nothing EP

COP International Release: 5 November 2021 Fans of the band Stabbing Westward may say you cannot improve on their songs but they have with their 2021 version of Slipping Away. On the EP their are several other remixes of I Am Nothing and the best for me over the originalContinue Reading