40 Octaves Below 

Label: Independent

Released: 26 August 2022

40 Octaves Below – Splintered
full of power and agressive
The remix EP of 40 Octives Below track “Splintered” is full of power and aggressive vocals that are brilliant to listen to.  

The lyrics are fantastic and are very straight to the point.  

The beats are loud and powerful, but even more so, the vocals are aggressive and loud and match the emotions terminating from the lyrics.

I would have to say the remixes here are excellent, with fantastic versions by all, including Matt Hart, Anthony H, Live Evil Productions and Silence In The Machine.

I have a favourite, but I’ll leave that to make up your mind.

Overall, this is a worthy contender for the most powerful release this year.

It is fantastic and a must for any pure industrial fan as it is so damn good.


Canadian industrial band, 40 Octaves Below just dropped their new single, "Splintered".  The track is the first single to appear on the forthcoming full-length album, MetaVersUs.

The focal point of "Splintered" is retribution.  Drake Moore, the mad orchestrator behind 40 Octaves Below says, "The song itself is a casting that calls for the guilty to come to Justice."

The single features four remixes from Matt Hart, Anthony (H), Live Evil Productions & Silence In Machine.

Die kanadische Industrieband 40 Octaves Below hat gerade ihre neue Single "Splintered" veröffentlicht. Der Track ist die erste Single, die auf dem kommenden Album MetaVersUs in voller Länge erscheint.

Der Schwerpunkt von "Splintered" ist die Vergeltung. Drake Moore, der verrückte Orchestrator hinter 40 Octaves Below, sagt: "Das Lied selbst ist ein Casting, das fordert, dass die Schuldigen vor Gericht kommen".

Die Single enthält vier Remixe von Matt Hart, Anthony (H), Live Evil Productions & Silence In Machine.

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