Long After Midnight
Soul Grinder (single)

Label: Independent

Release: 25 February 2022

From the first second this has a deep industrial beat. Great vocals on top of the sharp, deep beat ensures you move your body. Soul Grinder has great lyrics too referencing the current and past few years of modern life and media.

All in all a great single plus the bus of two more tracks including “I want to believe”. (video below)

-VK Mike

Darker Side of Music

Grand Rapids, MI industrial rock band, Long After Midnight, have released Soul Grinder EP.   This is their third EP release, following on the success of a remix album for their Painkiller EP and the single “Falling Away”.  In addition to the three song EP is a music video for the track “I Want To Believe”, produced by the band and available on their YouTube channel.  There are videos planned for each song on the EP with the video for the title track, Soul Grinder, scheduled out on 3/11/2022.  

As with previous releases for “Falling Away” and “Painkiller EP”, mastering was done by Jules Siefert at Epic Audio Media.

Long After Midnight are:
Ross Morgan – lyrics, vocals, occasional guitars
Nicholas Heidt – guitars
Mike Nolen – synths, programming

Mixed by Mike Nolen
Mastered by Jules Siefert at Epic Audio Media
Artwork by Ross Morgan

Soul Grinder EP is an evolution from our previous work as it follows a consistent narrative – from being crushed by society to regaining hope and not giving up on humanity.

For this EP we wanted to focus on getting more visual media out there.  The video for “I Want To Believe” was Ross’ vision all the way through from concept to production.  He had the idea of a music video with us performing with projectors on each of us playing a variety of video textures and this release felt like the right time to make that happen.  We rented out a studio with a large blank wall and shot the whole thing in one night using as many cameras as we could borrow, along with our phones.  

We initially included the video as part of an artist spotlight on the Twitch channel eMpTyVeE TV on Jan. 26.  Due to them not hosting any recordings of segments, it was more of a sneak preview for anyone that caught it. The video was premiered on YouTube via Brutal Resonance on Feb. 21, 2022.

We have videos planned for the other two tracks on the EP, Soul Grinder and Revival.   The Soul Grinder video is set to premiere March 11 through Sounds and Shadows.

Long After Midnight – Soul Grinder (single)
Long After Midnight – Soul Grinder (single)
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