BlazerJacketGet Out (single)

Label: Independent
Release: 1 March 2022

Blazerjacket have released such an amazing track the powerful vocals to the amazing deep beats and dark electro rhythms. This s an incredible track that is sure to be big with the crowds at festivals and gigs. Its power lyrics also hit home in the current climate that is currently in motion in the Ukraine. Personally I love this track for no other reason except that this is a fantastic track.

-VK Mike

Dark electro band, BLAZERJACKET is pleased to unleash their new video and single, “Get Out”. 

The song addresses the ease of being drawn into Stockholm Syndrome and the severity of the consequences. You have to get out of the abusive and parasitic society. By just noticing the first signals, you will feel better.

BLAZERJACKET is a couple of crazy creators who are constantly experimenting with sound. The change in the vector of their art is as unpredictable as our lives. Danceable beats, powerful bass, and crazy synths are always part of any new BLAZERJACKET formula.

With “Get Out”, BLAZERJACKET plays in the arena of Dark Electro and EBM together with DIRTY BIRD 13; a band known for inhabiting this territory.

BLAZERJACKET is a resident at the International festival Comic Con Ukraine – a speculative fiction entertainment annual exhibition and fan convention of computer and video games, TV series, and comic movies in Ukraine.

In 2021, the song “Get Out” was first performed at the Comic Con Ukraine music stage before the official digital release. The band managed to capture the moments of that performance and insert them into the video. 


Ukraine – based artist BLAZERJACKET combines different genres of rock and electro dance music with passion 80’s inspired background.

BLAZERJACKET was created in Kyiv by Denis Cherryman (The Cherry Men / Dirty Bird 13) and Hybri Mod. Their love for cyberpunk, retrowave, sci-fi, and action films of the 80′s and 90′s inspires them to create a new sci-fi universe, conceptual music releases, and video materials which are a series of science fiction novels.

BLAZERJACKET has shared the stage with Dance with the Dead, Magic Sword, Jeremiah Kane, Cygnosic, and SynthAttack. They are also residents of the Comic Con Ukraine music stage and they show the full power of their cyberpunk vision on live shows.

BlazerJacket – Get Out (single)
BlazerJacket – Get Out (single)
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