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Unhappily Ever Now
– Self-Titled (remixes)

Released: August 2022

Unhappily ever now – self-titled (remixes)
beautifully and carefully remixed
So recently, I had the pleasure of listening to and reviewing the self-titled EP by Unhappily Ever Now, and I ended up liking it and eating humble pie as it grew on me, and I admitted so. Now I was honoured to be given a chance to hear and review the remixes coming out in August 2022.

So will I be eating that pie again? The answer is no, as I loved them from the first play-through. I will explain more shortly.

Unhappily Ever Now (The Joy Thieves Remix)
Our Time Was Taken (Assemblage 23 Remix)
Our Time Was Taken (00tz 00tz Remix)
Whispering Wandering Struggling (The Joy Thieves Remix)

The first of the mixes is an excellent version from The Joy Thieves that pays respect to the original and adds a great touch to the song but in a delicate way.

The second remix is from Assemblage 23, and this is just awesome. It honestly is. It makes this track so much more beautiful than it already was. The vocals and melodies are all altered to make this just stunning and perfect. I cannot stop listening to it. One of the best remixes I have heard this year so far.

A third of the remixes are by00tz 00tz, which has an entirely different take. They have gone a little more dance floor. It is still an outstanding remix, and I am sure everyone is delighted with it as they have gone very different to the original and Assemblage 23. This is a great move, as being the safe remix is often dull. This is not that at all.

The final remix is the Joy Thieves again taking on the don’t “Whispering Wandering Struggling” it is very The Joy Thieves style and makes this track roll along nicely with a great flowing melody and vocals that match the pace very well.

Overall this is a well-put-together EP of remixes and is one for sure that any collection will require to make it memorable.

Unhappily Ever Down are a band to watch out for as I think there is much talent waiting to be unleashed on us.


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