Release: 12 November 2021

This a great EP the remixes are absolute quality with the first 30 seconds of the Stabbing Westward remix sounding reminiscent of an old western with the charge on horseback the rest of the track bringing you to your feet to its addictive beat.

The Batavia remix has some awesome drum and base style sounds and beats that are so different to the first track. This keeping the listener hooked in.

Steven Olaf brings a completely different take with deep vocals and very different electronic sounds and a hint of prince in the background.

Graviton take a very different approach bringing a very syntnpop sound with some deep and husky vocals.

We then arrive at the Glass Apple Bonzai remix and once again a different approach is taken with dreamy melodic synths, a very good version.

I_M Still Alive the final track is just an absolute pleasure to listen to.

-VK MIke

unitcode:machine is back with a new remix EP for the song “Falling Down”.

With remixes from Stabbing Westward, Batavia, Glass Apple Bonzai, and Antonym, and an exclusive collaboration with Dwayne Dassing of Mentallo and the Fixer.

Being able to work with Stabbing Westward and Dwayne Dassing on remixes/collaboration goes beyond Kristoffer’s expectations of unitcode:machine, and reaches directly to the foundations of his inspirations of working in the genre.


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