– I Self Me

Released: 18 June 2022

A man in a gas mask wearing a cowboy hat at the Spankthenun event.
spankthenun – I self me
Such an Amazing version
Remixes and different variations of songs happen often, and many are very good, in fact, excellent, and some are not so good. Spankthenun has released an Ep with several remixes, and the first one is “I Self Me”, and it is excellent. The first version, my favourite, is their new version that differs from the album version. It is so powerful and melodic simultaneously, with great vocals and an excellent video to match.

The other versions have distinct sounds that make them all worth listening to. Remixes are by ‘define. human’ a slightly slower version and a faster version by ‘Psychosomatik’. There is also an adrenaline-fuelled remix of “Sick Pathos” by ‘Paresis” this is outstanding.

All in all, an impressive EP with variations to please everyone. This is Industrial music at its very nest purely superb.


II SELF ME is the third single from the SPANKTHENUN album THE BUNKER TAPES VOL II.

The song is mixed and mastered by Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip) and the video is filmed and directed by SPANKTHENUN. The song I SELF ME is written by SPANKTHENUN and explores the id and the ego and the never-ending fight for balance and control. It also comments on the society we live in and the lack of attention to detail and how easily society is sucked into a self-absorbed waking coma.

The song and single are available on all streaming platforms and the most popular platforms for sale. Follow SPANKTHENUN on SPOTIFY and on BANDCAMP (All links below).

The single contains a new version of the track from SPANKTHENUN, as well as remixes from define.human and Psychosomatik and a remix of the album track Sick Pathos by Paresis (Armalyte Industries)

II SELF ME ist die dritte Single aus dem SPANKTHENUN-Album THE BUNKER TAPES VOL II.

Der Song wird von Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip) gemischt und gemastert und das Video wird von SPANKTHENUN gefilmt und inszeniert. Der Song I SELF ME wurde von SPANKTHENUN geschrieben und untersucht die ID und das Ego sowie den nie endenden Kampf um Gleichgewicht und Kontrolle. Es kommentiert auch die Gesellschaft, in der wir leben, und den Mangel an Liebe zum Detail und wie leicht die Gesellschaft in ein selbstsüchtiges Wachkoma gesaugt wird.

Der Song und die Single sind auf allen Streaming-Plattformen und den beliebtesten Plattformen zum Verkauf verfügbar. Folgen Sie SPANKTHENUN auf SPOTIFY und auf BANDCAMP (Alle Links unten).

Die Single enthält eine neue Version des Tracks von SPANKTHENUN sowie Remixe von define.human und Psychosomatik und einen Remix des Albumtracks Sick Pathos von Paresis (Armalyte Industries)

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