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– Trigger
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Label: Independent

Released: 17 June 2022

NUDA – Mindful Tragedies
NUDA -Trigger
Tour News
Nuda, the dark, solo electronic artist, releases the new single “Trigger” ahead of her tour (details below). It is dark, electronic, intense and full of energy. When I say intense and energy, It is precisely that. It is a solid electronic beat with a dark feeling around it.

If you want to dance yourself into oblivion, this track will do it. It is expected from Nuda, who never fails to put a great track out for us. This is the first single to be released from Nudas forthcoming album “Stranger”, an album I am looking forward to, especially if this single is any indication of what is coming.


Industrial artist, Nuda has just unveiled their new single, "Trigger" from the forthcoming album, Stranger.

"Trigger"'s title stemmed from PTSDs and mental illness. It’s also the theme of the new album. Past trauma or underlying emotions can come out so quickly and unintentionally because words or actions people say or do can trigger a bad memory and in response- lash out or get anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

"Trigger" is the most Industrial dance style song yet which has inspirations of Front Line Assembly and Celldweller. Nuda is also working with the Melbourne Electro-Industrial band, Sirus on a remix which is set to be released later this year.

"Trigger" is releasing on all streaming platforms on July 1st followed by Nuda's very first tour start date. Nuda will be joining Manifestiv on a California tour from July 1st- July 9, 2022.

The new single "Trigger" release will kick off the first California tour with ManifestiV.

Die Industriekünstlerin Nuda hat gerade ihre neue Single "Trigger" vom kommenden Album Stranger vorgestellt.

Der Titel von "Trigger" stammte von PTBS und psychischen Erkrankungen. Es ist auch das Thema des neuen Albums. Vergangene Traumata oder zugrunde liegende Emotionen können so schnell und unbeabsichtigt herauskommen, weil Worte oder Handlungen, die Menschen sagen oder tun, ein schlechtes Gedächtnis auslösen und als Reaktion darauf Angst, Panikattacken usw. auslösen oder bekommen können.

"Trigger" ist der bisher industrialste Tanzsong, der Inspirationen von Front Line Assembly und Celldweller hat. Nuda arbeitet auch mit der Melbourne Electro-Industrial Band Sirus an einem Remix, der später in diesem Jahr veröffentlicht werden soll.

"Trigger" erscheint am 1. Juli auf allen Streaming-Plattformen, gefolgt von Nudas allererstem Tourstartdatum.

Nuda wird vom 1. bis 9. Juli 2022 an einer Kalifornien-Tour teilnehmen. Die neue Single "Trigger" startet die erste Kalifornien-Tour mit ManifestiV.

7/1 Batcave- Knockout [San Francisco:] 7/2 IntegriTea [Vallejo:] 7/6 Jerry's [Bakersfield:] 7/7 Til Two [San Diego:] 7/9 Bar Sinister [Hollywood:] Tickets are available from Nudas Official Website at the link below.

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