Margot Day was an integral part of the 80’s NYC underground music scene while fronting the legendary Goth band “The Plague”. The Plague Naraka album 1987.

With a witchy goth vibe Metamorph music is a pulse driven entry into other dimensions of song and dance. A vortex of melody and throbbing rhythms capable of awakening human potential. Songstress Margot Day’s multi-range vocals and mastery of the flute entwine with multi-instrumentalist Kurtis Knight cast a spell of love in their Metamorph releases “Sigils & Spirals” “Ether” and “The 4 Elements”. Featuring the music video “Daisy Logic” on the Metamorph YouTube channel.

Metamorph tuning is A=432hz – natures frequency. A native New Yorker who has escaped temporarily to the jungle Margot Day is conjuring a new collection of Metamorph songs. “Love in the Wreckage” dropped Valentines 2022 – on all platforms. LITW transforms the worlds chaos into love. 

View the “Love in the Wreckage” Lyric Video. Metamorph is “music for morphing”. Inviting the listener to welcome change and “become the wave, the witch, the butterfly, the pirate, the phoenix”…..

Because our lives are on a new dream curve, I think we are all going through the darkness of grief. Bravely we traverse todays shifting cataclysm. Would you use this portal of change to dream a brighter future for yourself and our planet? We are the dream weavers, and we are interwoven. Together we embrace the unknown on our new dream curve. 
Margot Day


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