sinister seduction

A fantastic dark gothic Duo.

Sinister seduction


We are a darkwave Band from Germany / Hungary.
Mathias (40) Stuttgart (Germany)
Judith (37) Budapest (Hungary)

We call our music Dark Erotic goth-pop.

Mathias startet to make music in the year 2020 as Mathias Neon with several Singles like “Süchtig” or “Tausend Feuer”.

It was pop music with dark touch.

A wonder for mathias comes at that time, Mathias hero from his youth
Axel K. from Silke Bischoff loved “süchtig ” so much that he wanted to Cover the Song in English. So Axel K. Released “Süchtig” as “addicted”.

So Mathias now knew that his music must be goth/darkwave what he had Listened to in his youth.

So he wanted to make darker music, so he started with his friend Kai to make music, and the search for a female voice for it began.

Mathias searched the Internet for a female voice and found the beautiful lady and voice of Judith on Instagram.

So they searched for a name and the name Sinister Seduction was found.

The Singles “Eiskristall” and “Jenseits der Stille” was releaed.

Kai left the Band after the first 2 Singles with health issues.

So Judith and Mathias decided to continue as a duo.

We try to Mix erotic fetish Feelings with dark music.

Many Singles like “Tränen aus Blut” or “Mein Glück” were released.

In this year Sinister Seduction startet to work together with Per Anders Kurenbach (Psyche, Shock Therapy…) the first product of this connection was the Single “Feel the Pain” .

All further Singles from Sinister Seduction will be produced by Per Anders Kurenbach.

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