Hybrid Blak

Release: 29 October 2021

Wow! what an album….
Mechanical Vein and Saltee, THIS both their tracks are designed to played very loud with their very deep base tones are either going to blow you sub-woofers or the walls out of your room.

The drum and base and dubstep tracks on this album are top quality music. Any fan or loud music will take to these. These artists are proving that whatever Pendulum can so they can do better. Brilliance.

Kofin, their track is high adrenaline junkie music to get your heart pounding.

Sentinel Complex, their track is an epic symphonic dubstep/metal masterclass.

What I have said here is in no way meant to diminish the other tracks on this album that are also fantastic.

Just make sure that whatever you do you play loud and I mean very loud make your sub work overtime.

VK Mike

Welcome back once more to the dark and twisted world of the London-based label, HYBRID BLAK. The label is ready to unleash upon the unassuming masses HYBRID BLAK: BLAKTRACKS Vol. 2.,  its next chapter. 12 original tracks showcasing 14 different artists. Focusing on the newest sounds of the underground, HYBRID BLAK:  BLAKTRACKS Vol. 2 showcases veritable smorgasbord of dark and grimy to tear up the dancefloor with.

Familiar names from the HYBRID BLAK pantheon return. BIOMECHANIMAL  with their metal-infused dubstep, MECHANICAL VEIN & SALTEE battering your woofers with drum and bass, and ER4SE returning with his unique mixture of trap-infused dystopian pop.  New additions include: TRiS, STATIC STARLIGHT, PROPHETICAL, KALCYFR & MORIS BLAK, and SO CALLED.

Unrelenting ferocity found within the high-octane breaks of TRULY SIGNIFICANT, the drum and bass beats from  SINISTER SOULS, and the acid-laden onslaught of bass from Kofin, and the dramatic orchestrations of SENTINEL COMPLEX.



Various (Hybrid Blak Label) Blaktracks Vol. 2
Various (Hybrid Blak Label) Blaktracks Vol. 2


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