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SINthetik Messiah
– Unholy

Label: Independent

Released: 19 January 2023

SINthetik Messiah – Unholy
absolutely captivatinG
SINthetik Messiah’s new version of “Unholy” is absolutely captivating – Kamarah Rae’s rewritten lyrics, combined with SINthetik’s superbly sensual vocals and samples of her rendition, create a mystical, dark atmosphere as if it’s a story of revenge that’s come alive in a single song.

The powerful synths and drums will have you under its magical spell, and the slow melody ties it all together dramatically, so you won’t want to stop listening.

This collaboration of these two artists is sublimely sensational – I can guarantee that you’ll hit repeat for this one!


When industrial bass artist, Bug Gigabyte heard TikTok star, Kamarah Rae's “a cappella” rendition of Sam Smith's "Unholy" with her lyrical re-write, he immediately felt inspired. He wanted to write a full track sampling her vocals while adding his own. So..... he did.  

"When I first heard her version, it inspired me to continue the story and emotion of what she is talking about in the track. I wanted to express the emotions of her lyrics through the music, to bring her idea deeper down the "rabbit hole. This is my tribute to all the female witches in the world, much love goddesses". - Bug Gigabyte

You can only find the track on SoundCloud, YouTube and as a free download on Bandcamp.

Als der Industriebasskünstler Bug Gigabyte TikTok-Star Kamarah Raes "a cappella"-Darstellung von Sam Smiths "Unholy" mit ihrem lyrischen Umschreiben hörte, fühlte er sich sofort inspiriert. Er wollte einen vollständigen Track schreiben, der ihren Gesang abtastet, während er seinen eigenen hinzufügte. Also... hat er es getan.

"Als ich ihre Version zum ersten Mal hörte, inspirierte es mich, die Geschichte und Emotion dessen, worüber sie in dem Track spricht, fortzusetzen. Ich wollte die Emotionen ihrer Texte durch die Musik ausdrücken, um ihre Idee tiefer in das "Kaninchenloch" zu bringen. Dies ist meine Hommage an alle weiblichen Hexen der Welt, viele Liebesgöttinnen". - Bug Gigabyte

Sie finden den Track nur auf SoundCloud, YouTube und als kostenlosen Download auf Bandcamp.

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