– The Dead Shall Walk

Release Date: 4 August 2023

Microwaved – The Dead Shall Walk (Remixes)
diverse scope of musical talenT
The newest release from Microwaved, Remixes, is a true testament to the diverse scope of musical talent. From songwriters to vocalists, this album is teeming with extraordinary artistry.

Take Angel Moonshine (Normoria): her captivating voice is masterfully showcased in “Broken Will”, Track 02 of the album. Or Kim (Bow Ever Down) who lends an unmistakable presence to “Church” and “The Thrill” on Tracks 04 and 10 respectively. Chaos Doll brings a unique yet wicked flavour to Track 07: “SCABS”. And Thunder S Hawk’s talking rap performance on “Swamp” (Track 08) is synced perfectly with its mesmerizing symphony accompaniment.

In addition to these iconic contributions, each guest artist has been chosen to highlight the beautiful complexities of the tracks they appear in. No one is overlooked or forgotten!

No music fan should miss their chance to experience the sheer brilliance of Remixes.

Allow your ears to feast upon this sumptuous collection of versatile voices, varied tempos, and exquisite composition!



Produkt 42 Presents the ​latest remix release from Electro/Industrial band, Microwaved

Microwaved started as an outlet for Gabe Wilkinson while he was playing in other bands. Something that was different than what he was getting from playing in metal bands as a keyboard/sampler. Taken from the name of a Pitchshifter song, Microwaved was born.
Wilkinson has had an extensive career in the music industry, doing a little bit of everything

Produkt 42 präsentiert die neueste Remix-Veröffentlichung von Electro/Industrial Band, Microwaved

Microwaved begann als Outlet für Gabe Wilkinson, während er in anderen Bands spielte. Etwas, das anders war als das, was er durch das Spielen in Metal-Bands als Keyboard/Samper bekam. Aus dem Namen eines Pitchshifter-Songs wurde Microwaved geboren.

Wilkinson hatte eine lange Karriere in der Musikindustrie und hat ein bisschen von allem gemacht

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