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Tried and tested, what are you talking about? Stereotypical, nope..

If you are expecting any of the above, then you better stop reading now, as Hellz Abyss are more than just a band, and fall very nicely into Unique and Unexpected.

 if you like moody, strong, dynamic Hard Rock with screaming guitar solos, crunching riffs, thumping bass and drums and want to strut your stuff to with attitude, then this is the band for you, but be warned, Hellz Abyss will assault your every emotion.
Hellz Abyss is currently working on their 3rd studio album to be release on March 18th, 2022. The album entitled Blow’ boasts a screaming solo appearance by former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS.

Hellz Abyss – Bio
Hellz Abyss – Bio

Formed in 2019 and based in Australia, you will find members located along the east coast between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Hellz, the original name of Hellz Abyss was the brainchild of lead singer Lisa Perry during her past performances with her former axe man Jeff Young of Megadeth fame. After their partnership dissolved, Lisa decided to continue as a solo artist under the very same name of Hellz. In 2020 Lisa  met Daryl Holden, who at the time had his own project called The Abyss, and after finding the perfect common ground together as songwriters, they decided to join forces calling themselves Hellz Abyss. In 2021 Hellz Abyss welcomed bassist Mick Jones into the fold. From here, finding a lead guitarist was a bit hit and miss for a while, but soon found the talents of Dean Miliaresis, where it was evident that he was the perfect fit for the band.  

Hellz Abyss is Australia’s powerhouse Hard Rock group led by the Venomous Hellz (aka Lisa Perry).

Their energy and presence is explosive. Each song takes listeners on a journey of the self discovery of not giving a F*** . This full-on rock and metal beast is a massive statement of empowerment and sheer force that both uplifts and inspires audiences worldwide, a rallying call to us all to live our lives as we want to. Hellz Abyss are official Artists on the International Women Of Rock Tour with Global Unity Tours and will be touring Europe and the UK in June 2022. Hellz Abyss will also be a featured artist on Australias best of hard rock compilation Murders in the rue Morgue Vol lll this year.

The Band


Hellz Abyss
Lead vocalist
Sydney, Australia 
CEO – Revenge of Eve Records 

Daryl Holden

Producer,Cowriter, Audio Engineer 

Mick Jones


Dean Miliaresis


Hellz Abyss – Bio
Hellz Abyss – Bio

Australia’s lady of rock, Lisa Perry is a true singing and songwriting force. Lisa embodies a giant 6 full octave rare lyric coloratura soprano voice, paired with the power of a freight train. Undoubtedly, Lisa’s voice belongs in an elite group. From Rock to Opera and even Metal growls Lisa Perry’s voice makes any rock and heavy rock show memorable. With over 20 years experience in the music industry, Lisa Perry has worked and collaborated with highly respected musicians around the world including 

ROB Zombie’s Riggs, John Miceli drummer for  Meat Loaf, Rainbow, My Chemical Romance and Brian May, Producer Joeseph Libretti (Meat Loaf, Cher, Lindsey Buckingham. Jeff Young /Megadeth, Jeff Totoura/ Blue Man Group, Steve Fieldman/ Iron Butterfly, Baron Rojos Gorka Alegre,  Metalium guitarist Tolo Grimalt and Lucas Fox founding member of Motörhead

In 2019 Lisa Perry had returned from a mini USA tour with past Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young and was booked to return to the U.S.A to appear throughout 2020 with Joel Hoekstra /Whitesnake, Christopher Caffery /Trans Siberian Orchestra, Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath), Greg Smith (Ted Nugent Band), Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors). This tour has been postponed until 2022. Also, performing alongside well known Australian artists such as Johnny Diesel and Mark Seymour from Hunters and collectors.

Lisa Perry has over 25 years experience working within the music industry and has performed hundreds of shows in front of crowds as large as 40,000 at the Sydney Olympic International Ragetta Centre and at the famous Big Day Out festival in Sydney Australia with Australia’s finest musician’s.

Hellz Abyss – Bio
Hellz Abyss – Bio

 is an Australian based musician, music producer and audio engineer.

Having worked with some of the cream of the Australian scene, both as a performer and engineer, the award-winning Holden has built a career that’s the envy of many, opening his own studios in Queensland and contributing to the success of multiple chart singles and albums. 

Daryl Holdens,skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, conducting; piano/ keys, drums, bass, guitars, vocals; recording, editing, mixing, mastering; live performance and live sound.

Hellz Abyss – Bio
Hellz Abyss – Bio

Mick has been a bass force in Melbourne’s heavy music scene since 2000, playing local shows, touring Australia and releasing independent albums and EPs firstly with At What Cost(self titled, awc) and in recent years with The Nuremberg Code(Everything Changes Nothing Remains) and with his blues power trio Blue Balls(self titled) and soon to record with current band Desert Kingdom as well as playing in numerous cover bands and a guest appearance with Aussie blues legend Lloyd Spiegel. A tour of Vietnam in 2018 with Canadian rockers Yeti proved his capabilities and gave him a taste for international touring. Mick is also a tour member of Hellz Abyss for both national and International touring in 2021 and 2022.

Hellz Abyss – Bio
Hellz Abyss – Bio

Guitarist Dean Miliaresis was born and raised on the meaner streets of Melbourne. Growing up, not only did he have a massive passion for heavier music but he also found he had a natural gift of  playing the guitar. Dean has been mastering his craft as a guitarist and entertainer for over 16 years and has played with numerous Melbourne scene bands  at dirty pub gigs and open air concerts.

 Dean is known for playing his ideal sound of heavy, angry, relentless riffs with hints of influence from the great, late Dimebag Darrell and James Hetfield.  Audiences are captured by his jaw dropping  expansive solo’s and explosive stage charisma. Dean is a well loved player of the Melbourne Music Scene. He is an undoubtedly supreme addition to the Hellz Abyss family. Dean is also a tour member of Hellz Abyss for both national and International touring in 2021 and 2022.

Hellz Abyss – Bio
Hellz Abyss – Bio

Hellz Abyss Tour 2022

It’s not just in the studio that Hellz Abyss will be focusing their energy though. With a worldwide set of dates that will cover Australia to Europe, Japan, South America, the USA and New Zealand with Global Unity Tours on the International Women OfRock Unity tour, Hellz joins a stellar line-up of artists who will be playing live across the continents, destroying cities as they go. With the brand new album ‘BLOW’ poised to be unleashed and a massive and far-reaching tour booked in, it’s going to be an incredible year for Hellz Abyss.

Hellz Abyss – Bio
Hellz Abyss – Bio

Hellz Abyss
Lisa Perry
75 Nepean Street
Emu Plains NSW
Australia 2750


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