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Alia Synesthesia is a multi-instrumentalist, trained operatic singer, neo-classical composer, cellist & drummer. Her music compositions defy genre, spanning from electronic dance music, industrial & sludge metal to dungeon synth, neo-classical scores, and operatic works. 

Known for her deep mezzo-soprano vocal tone and experimental distorted cello technique, Alia carries her unique, exotic sound across genres.  



Since 2017 Alia toured from Hawaii to New Zealand and Japan with her neoclassical symphonic dungeon synth project Subterranea and as a live touring member of industrial/darkwave pioneers Attrition (Coventry, UK). In her home city, Alia opened for the father of dungeon synth Mortiis, as well as black metal/heavy metal band Malokarpatan (Bratislava, Slovakia).

Due to versatility and uniqeness of Alia’s sound, she performed with metal bands, goth/darkwave and industrial bands, witch house acts (Valhall), synthwave acts (Dana Jean Phoenix), and dark ambient/experimental acts like Northumbria, Uxvae, and Darsombra. Alia’s voice is often described in reviews as ‘siren-like’, haunting and beautiful, yet powerful and deep. The compositions she weaves are tribal and hypnotic, nightmarish and multi-layered, baroque & complex.



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