Cliff and Ivy

Bloody Ghost (Single)

Label: Independant

Released: 10 March 2022


From the off this new single by Cliff and Ivy is striking, with its strong guitar riffs and amazing vocals that are reminiscent of an early very well known female singer.

There is also a distinct 70’s punk sound to the melody. This is absolutely on point with what I love about music. A really good strong single from Cliff and Ivy and I for one am looking forward to more from them.

-VK Mike

Alaskan goth-rock duo, Cliff And Ivy have just unveiled their new single, “Bloody Ghost”.

“Bloody Ghost” was inspired by the life of someone who is now on the other side. The lyrics are a summary of different life experiences. The message is: Life goes by fast, make your mark. If something seems impossible, look at the opposites to find your way. What makes you unique is what makes you strong,

There are a lot of lies in the world; choose kindness whenever possible. 

Cliff And Ivy”Bloody Ghost” single
Cliff And Ivy”Bloody Ghost” single


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