Release: 1 June 2021

Electronic/Darkwave artist Alia Synesthesia Drops New Single, “Eternal Merch Girl”

“Eternal Merch Girl” – What’s Behind the Name

“Eternal Merch Girl” track name is, essentially, a bit of a joke. I am in a hidden facebook group where a lot of female performers and musicians share their touring stories and one of the very common experiences is being mistaken for a band member’s girlfriend, merchandise girl or venue personnel when in reality, you are a female musician, and you came to play a show. In situations like these, it usually does not matter if your face is on the poster or not.  I was describing this once to my partner and dropped a phrase that goes something like: “And it doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been doing this, for some people – you are an eternal merch girl”. My partner laughed and said I should keep the name for one of my tracks. And I did.

The track itself embodies a lot of different feelings. It is not necessarily about the experiences of female or women musicians but is more of an angry umbrella diss track that can apply to a variety of situations. It is addressed to no one in particular, but at the same time can be addressed to so many people simultaneously: co-workers, management, sometimes, sound technicians or other music industry workers. Not being seen for who you are but rather for whom someone else thinks you are – is a concept older than world and it really transcends gender, sexual orientation, or nationality. So, Eternal Merch Girl is, essentially, a hymn of ultimate vengeance, it is a surreal and passionate dance on the grave of misidentification. assumption and mistreatment.

Additional Info: For fans of NIN, OSI, Ofra Haza  
Sounds like: If OSI and NIN got together to produce a sweet hymn of vengeance with tribal drums and electric cello drones. Cue Ofra Haza-inspired vocals.


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